Our Story

Wonderland is a non-profit and was started in July 2016 by an international group of artists and creative people who wanted to bring something new to the Südstadt of Nürnberg. We have a café, gallery, biannually pop-up store, we host concerts, private events, and sometimes bbq's. We also have an upstairs area and side gallery room for any creative, artist, or company who is needing to book a space to work or have an afternoon meeting.

Through our work, stories, and travels, we bring something new and different to Nürnberg. We are not only artists, but people who travel often and work with different projects in different countries throughout the year. When you visit our gallery or pop-up store, you will get a glimpse of the people we meet, places we've been, and most importantly you'll hear the stories of others!

Our goal is to provide a place for artists of all kind to connect with one another and create. We have a giant gallery for anyone to apply for an exhibition! You can always apply to be a part of our Summer and Winter Pop-Up Store and our ArtMarkts. Make sure to follow us online to keep up to date when to apply.

Our team changes throughout the year, but we have people from Brazil, Canada, Germany, U.S.A., England, and Mexico right now. Come say hi in one of these languages and have some coffee with us!