Wonderland Gallery

Wonderland Gallery is a place for visual artists to exhibit their work. It is a gallery that is located behind the main train station of Nürnberg and is a 10 minute walk from downtown! It is for both emerging and established artists, for solo and group shows and for creative ideas to take flight!  We have the main floor along with a smaller side room for you to have your exhibition in. Please go to our Apply page to apply for the ArtMarkt or for a solo exhibition. We value the artist, the creative process and the championing of one other.

Artwork capacity : 60
Maximum capacity : 90-100 people

Opening Hours : 
Monday - Saturday, 10am-6pm
Montag bis Samstag, 10Uhr-18Uhr

The ArtMarkt

The ArtMarkt is a place for visual artists to display their work and have it up for sale. Set up as a group art show, it’s a place for artworks by various artists of different mediums and styles and is displayed in the gallery space of Wonderland Creative Studios. All artists can apply to take part as it is a space for both emerging and established artists alike. It runs for two months, twice a year and coincides with the Wonderland Pop-Up Store. It’s a great opportunity to get your work out there and also connect with other artists!